Magical Margiela.


I went to a bunch of shows in Paris, but  my favorite had to be Maison Margiela.  To start, I absolutely love everything this man and his team does and season after season I am blown away by the simplicity as well magic of his designs. So when I went to his show, I had high high hopes. And they didn’t disapoint. After polishing off a few glasses of red wine, served in white plastic cups, from one of those lovely lab-coated  assistants, I found my seat and the spectacle began. There was no lights in the entire room, as soft ambient music began to play. The runway was multi-tiered and weaved throughout the room, and as the models walked, the were illuminated only by spotlights that were on these giant cranes that dipped and swooped around the room. As the show was finishing, a discoball was turned projecting stars onto the ceiling and it began to rain bubbles. It was like waking for a dream as we all left, and everyone seemed so happy and childlike walking out.

As if I needed another reason to love Margiela. Maison Martin Margiela, it Is Nicotine.


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  1. jellz, mega jellz

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