Jump Jump

Tom Ford doesn't actually give you wings. He just greatly increases your cool factor. Period.

Tom Ford doesn't actually give you wings. He's just cool.

One of the most underrated things in the world has got to be jumping on your bed. I fucking love jumping on my bed. But I have low ceilings at this homestead, so I have forgotten that joy. A simple, pure, heart pumping joy. It can take you back to that careless life of children. Before the brain drain of adult hood, and the bullshit of adolescences was just a little guy and his bed. And a want to just jump. Fuck a reason, you just jump! I want all of you to just go right after you read this, and jump on your fucking beds! Don’t ask why, don’t debate the relevancy, or justify the time spent, just go be that little boy (or girl) again and jump on your bed. Its the same, just this time with Tom Fords on. Tom Ford gives you Wings.

I’m going to go jump on mine, the Manhattan edition. See you sucka’s in NYC!


One Response to “Jump Jump”

  1. shieeeeeeet Says:

    that dude is way short

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