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Photo Show.

Posted in She Is Nicotine. with tags , , , on February 2, 2010 by sheisnicotine

Space. The final frontier. I am putting together a new photo show as we speak, and wanted to give a little teaser. I’m pretty excited, I mean space is rad. And beautiful eyes are rad. Click on the photo… Why not get the best of both worlds? Girl Lost In Space, She Is Nicotine.


ASIA, I like.

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I love going to Asian grocery stores. There is always so much color everywhere, and everything is always bustling. I love perusing all the racks of stuff and having absolutely no idea what anything would taste like. It sure beats going to your run of the mill North American grocer. I always buy one strange and weird candy, that I have never tried before, I’m dangerous like that. My favorite one in the city is the massive TnT down on Cherry st. off of the gardiner. The beach is right down the road, and you can take your new found treats with you and enjoy sometime in the sand.

So go try some new Big SHEEET and pretend your out of the city for once. Come on, you know you wanna…

I love beautiful eyes, and Bridget’s are no exception. She Is Nicotine.