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Rain upon the marble lawn.

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If the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane, then the rain in Paris falls just about everywhere else. It was on such a day that the Valentino show for fall winter happened to occur. Initially it seemed to put a damper on the mood, and the excited atmosphere was rather subdued. But that lasted only a minute. Because in Paris, even the rain is beautiful. It pelted down on the marble etched ground, making it shine and shimmer. From across the great space, the Eiffel tower peeked out from behind the gloom, to remind us all where it was we were. Two sets of stick thin legs decided to challenge the tower to a battle of height and poise. Although it still loomed large behind them, two gorgeous mannequins made it seem a little smaller. And made the day seem a little brighter.

Impromptu photo ops making dreary days seem lighter? That Is Nicotine.


Purple is the new Black.

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One of my favourite fashion magazines has got to be Purple. Since it’s inception, Purple Fashion Magazine has been offering readers countless iconic shots and interesting takes on popular themes. Always pushing the envelope, Purple has worked closely with some of the fashion industries bad boys, like Terry Richardson for instance. I have always admired the grittyness of Purple, and a lot of that due to this man, editor and founder, Olivier Zahm. He recently launched a blog in conjunction with the magazine called Purple Diary (

I took this shot of Olivier in the Tuileries following the Dior show. We walked and chatted about film and all things beautiful. He left on his scooter, the epitome of la vie en France.

Olivier Zahm Is Nicotine.

Purple Fashion Magazine Is Nicotine.

Aussies are mad.

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I met a lot of very interesting people in NY, but one that sticks out in my mind is my friend the Aussie. All around the world I run into Aussie’s and although they are a completely hidden minority, they are always the craziest, most fun, and frankly quite insane people I have met. They drink the longest, party the hardest, smile the biggest, and laugh the loudest. I can only imagine what being in a country full of them is like.

This particular girl from down under is Tallulah. She is a riot, and a completely lovely person. We met in Paris, under circumstances of utter debauchery and quite frankly alcoholism (See the post: My Girl Likes To Party All The Time), and caught up in NY where those same circumstances were in full swing. Staying beautiful after drinking nearly 1L of vodka only hours before, and not sleeping is no easy task. But I think she pulls it off.

Tallulah Morton, She Is Nicotine.

Miss, I love your shape.

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Oh Leigh

This girl is quite a piece of work. Not only is she really fun, but she was also incredibly interesting to talk to and hang with. Yes of course I’m talking about Leigh Lazark, 1/3 of the party trio the Misshapes. I snapped this backstage at the Jeremy Scott show, while the mad japarazzi was mobbing Kanye and his little lady. So me and Leigh got to know one another. You can’t see it in the picture but dear Leigh was nursing a fashion related injury. You see while skating at the V-man party in NYC the week before she injured her finger. But she didn’t let that stop her from being fabulous in Paris, what a trooper. Oh, the hazards of fashion. Leigh’s seem to be taking over, oh well I love the name.

Leigh Lezark, She Is Nicotine.

Magical Margiela.

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I went to a bunch of shows in Paris, but  my favorite had to be Maison Margiela.  To start, I absolutely love everything this man and his team does and season after season I am blown away by the simplicity as well magic of his designs. So when I went to his show, I had high high hopes. And they didn’t disapoint. After polishing off a few glasses of red wine, served in white plastic cups, from one of those lovely lab-coated  assistants, I found my seat and the spectacle began. There was no lights in the entire room, as soft ambient music began to play. The runway was multi-tiered and weaved throughout the room, and as the models walked, the were illuminated only by spotlights that were on these giant cranes that dipped and swooped around the room. As the show was finishing, a discoball was turned projecting stars onto the ceiling and it began to rain bubbles. It was like waking for a dream as we all left, and everyone seemed so happy and childlike walking out.

As if I needed another reason to love Margiela. Maison Martin Margiela, it Is Nicotine.

That Girl from Norway…

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That Girl from Norway

I met a lot of really cool and unique people in Paris,but one of my favorites was Hanneli. We both were taking pictures at shows, and through mutual acquaintances ended up talking and hanging out quite alot. She is one of those people who has done quite a lot in a short span of time. She has modeled, traveled the world, blogged (, so professional!) and is now one of the hosts of MTV Norway. But most of all she is really one of the nicest people I have met in awhile (she gave me a place to live for Petes sake), and in world of so many assholes, thats always quite awesome. I was even able to coax her out of retirement for a quick photoshoot (you will all have to wait to see that one).

Hanneli Mustaparta, She Is Nicotine.

A Lily.

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Lilly on the rue Perree

Lily on the rue Perree

Lily Donaldson really is quite a beauty. She has done it all, gracing covers and runways the world over. I caught her here after the Stella Mcartney show as she was looking for her driver. We had chatted inside, and the light wasn’t the greatest. When she saw me she said “You have to get a picture of me in the sun” So I got her as she walked down rue Perree, and right after this shot she found her driver. And I couldn’t get the words of the Pink Martini song out of my head the whole time:

Lilly comes when you stop to call her
Lilly runs when you look away
Lilly leaves kisses on your collar
Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, stay!

Lily Donaldson, She Is Nicotine.