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Pylon Paradigm.

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Make Pylon Not War

The world always tells us to stop. To think things through. To analyze before you realize. To look both ways before you cross the street. Someone is always putting a pylon in our path, and telling us to take another route. How will you achieve anything at all if you don’t just take the mental leap. Success is not out of arms reach, people are just far to scared to extend their arms for it. I often find people waiting around for something to happen but not actually taking the time to make it happen. JUST DO IT. Have the corporate gods not hammered the slogan into your head enough. JUST FUCKING DO IT.  Will you sometimes fall? Yes. Will you bruise your knees? Yes. May you sometimes get hit by a proverbial bus? Probably. But at least you stepped off a sidewalk crowded with the bahing sheep of everyday life. 

So pick up the fucking pylon, and tell them to go to hell, you are gonna drive down the road anyway. You just probably wont look as good as these two doing it.

Girls having a pylon fight at 3am on route to a second club after a cab ride spent chugging “water”? They Are Nicotine.



Miss, I love your shape.

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Oh Leigh

This girl is quite a piece of work. Not only is she really fun, but she was also incredibly interesting to talk to and hang with. Yes of course I’m talking about Leigh Lazark, 1/3 of the party trio the Misshapes. I snapped this backstage at the Jeremy Scott show, while the mad japarazzi was mobbing Kanye and his little lady. So me and Leigh got to know one another. You can’t see it in the picture but dear Leigh was nursing a fashion related injury. You see while skating at the V-man party in NYC the week before she injured her finger. But she didn’t let that stop her from being fabulous in Paris, what a trooper. Oh, the hazards of fashion. Leigh’s seem to be taking over, oh well I love the name.

Leigh Lezark, She Is Nicotine.

My girl likes to party all the time.

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for you Sunday.

You know when you hit that moment, usually around 1:30am (3:30am in Paris) when the night just sorta begins to make sense. That everyone is decently drunk, and behaving with relative disorder, and you find yourself on the dance-floor, surrounded by Beautiful People. No thoughts in your mind except the words of a song you barely know. And the need to kick the table over, or at least jump on top of it. Yeah. That time. That time Is Nicotine.


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_Balmainia!Balmain was the unabashed ruler at Paris F/W 09. 
The striking jackets,in a few variations, were always in my sight, day or night. 
The hottest of the hot were out to trot in theses gorgeous creations, 
and she is no exception. 
She is Nicotine.