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Summertime, and the livings easy.

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Summertime has come again. It’s time for patios, and laying in parks. For beautiful girls, and tanned skin. For sunglasses that fill up faces, and shorts that barely exist. For long bike rides where there is no destination in mind, only you always know your going to end up somewhere. For going places alone, and finding friends who like you, congregate where the sun is the brightest. For sipping Yarrito’s in the back of pickup trucks, and holding cool drinks to hot necks, shivering and laughing the whole time. For pool hopping, and outdoor parties. ¬†And midday debauchery. Always midday debauchery. Who says you can’t drink before noon?

Its summer, and summer Is Nicotine.


A Lily.

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Lilly on the rue Perree

Lily on the rue Perree

Lily Donaldson really is quite a beauty. She has done it all, gracing covers and runways the world over. I caught her here after the Stella Mcartney show as she was looking for her driver. We had chatted inside, and the light wasn’t the greatest. When she saw me she said “You have to get a picture of me in the sun” So I got her as she walked down rue Perree, and right after this shot she found her driver. And I couldn’t get the words of the Pink Martini song out of my head the whole time:

Lilly comes when you stop to call her
Lilly runs when you look away
Lilly leaves kisses on your collar
Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, stay!

Lily Donaldson, She Is Nicotine.


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There is something about lollipops that make someone instantly endearing. I knew nothing about these two girls when I snapped them outside the Dior show, but the fact that while everybody else was hustling by in uncomfortable shoes, feeling far too important for the world they lived in, these two were laughing, enjoying the sunshine, and eating lollipops. Heres to having fun. And lollipops. A lollipop, it Is Nicotine.